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Live Your Dream

A musical octave has 8 notes. C, D, E, F, etc. Money is silent music. When you are in tune with successful people, they pay to harmonize with you. If you hit the right chord in the right rhythm, your fans tell others. Your life becomes a concert. While others fight and work to get by, you entertain and enlighten people for a living.

Sage University shows you how to design a lyrical life by sharing your music. 

Most people work hard and then die with their music still in them. We show you how to achieve high performance. Tuition is low. Quality of learning is high.

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Man Talk and Money


Susan Pinker is a social psychologist and columnist for The Washington Post. She wrote a best selling book, The Sexual Paradox, to explore why even the most difficult guys in high school earn so much more over a lifetime than the most intelligent, cooperative girls. Her theories on the subject are interesting and informative. And to her credit she leaves the reader with a sense of curiosity.


As befitting her profession, Pinker doesn’t stray into the arena of self-help or design solutions to change the equation. Her observations are insightful. The book is both enlightening and entertaining. You couldn’t ask for a better read.


Mia Sage wrote How to Talk to Men. It doesn’t get any more practical or down to earth than that. This marvelous little self-help book has been well received by both men and women on every continent. It doesn’t make anyone wrong. Hundreds of trainers and coaches use Mia’s unique approach to creating harmony between genders. Her premise of harmonious partnership and teamwork is timely across gender, race, and culture.


In a choir, the baritones, tenors, altos and sopranos enter the room, walk directly to their assigned stations, and produce exquisite music that brings them together in the rhythm and pulse of inspiration. Achieving exquisite harmony is easy.


It’s easy to achieve harmony in business, as well. The challenge is to get people to stop blathering about what they think and how they feel. Individuals have opinions and self-pity. Musical ensembles give those over. Shania Twain famously stated that her talent had little to do with her success. She credited the team for the music and the performances. When everyone is on the same page, measure, and chord, they breathe as a unit and perform pieces of astonishing beauty in the same key and with the same timing.


 The same holds true for an orchestra, a company, or a family. No one wants to hear someone screeching over the music. Life is music. The moment everyone drops his or her personal agenda, the rest follows. Talent and skills are overrated. The musical magic comes from the willingness to melt into something larger.


In the theater of business you know you have struck a financial chord when you hear the sound of light-hearted laughter, followed by the clicking of the credit card machine. Your ensemble is joyfully exchanging your wonderful services for a level of cash flow you could have never created alone.


There has never been as much opportunity as now. Wealth is flowing in the form of electronic signals that travel through great networks of computers continuously calculating your value to society and to the people you serve. If you entrain your communication patterns with the magnetic codes successful men are using, your actions will align you with the principles of gravitas and magnetism. Sales will happen without selling. Negotiations will resolve in your favor without argument or effort. You will be invited to the banquet of respect and prosperity enjoyed by those who choose the peaceful, productive path.


Mia Sage is fluent in the code that produces value. She would be delighted to share her knowledge and skills with you. Her team will produce How to Talk to Men in Business, August 16-19 via ZOOM. For details email  We look forward to meeting you.  

Living the Dream


I arrived on Ibiza exactly 10 years ago with a couple of suitcases and a lot of faith. My Isla Bonita felt like home from the first moment. The folks here were skeptical. They never tired of telling me how no one makes it in the Balearics. Most of them are gone now. I am just getting started.


One decade on I have written several books, created an international business, and assisted many of you to live your dreams. Sage University has grown into a global university for free agent entrepreneurs. 


I want you to know how much it means to me to participate in the new experience economy with you. I am also delighted to see that Barbara Jansen has achieved her own success on Mallorca. Your achievements are my celebration. 


My heart is my North Star. My passion is serving those of you who walk the path of freedom. I want to thank all of you who stay in touch with me and those who meet me in wonderful settings, from Bora Bora to Maui. Our friendships form the core of a wonderful business community.


-Mia Sage

Keep Moving


Life is like riding a bicycle. You must keep moving. Stationary bikes, like hamster wheels, soon grow boring.


Excitement floods the body with adrenaline, which triggers the oxytocin that fills the heart with loving sensations. New lovers, better stuff, and different places bring a temporary rush. It passes quickly.


True love is not the brief state you feel when you swap one lover for another. Lasting love relies on an intelligent life design.


Building a mystery requires devoted partnership. Self-esteem is a brief ego trip. Devotion to the joy of another is a deep fountain of sweet sensations.


The more you get, the worse you feel. The more you pour your heart into surprising and delighting others, the further your journey will take you.



Ibiza Couple Emanates Partnership

You can’t tickle yourself or make love alone. You can’t actually change your life either.  All of those experiences require partnership.


Mia Sage adores women. She loves and respects men as well. There was no way she was ever going to be a traditional wife. So she threw away all of her books on romance and relationships so she could invent a system that would work for her and for other free spirits.


Partnership is a wonderful game that creates an exceptional life. Mia views love as the ultimate life game, one that follows natural laws such as gravity (gravitas) and electromagnetism (attraction). Where you respect natural laws, you can make rules to keep the game thrilling.


Rule #1: Have fun and do what you love. If one partner rules over the other, friction wears out the engine.


Rule #2: Never step off the cliff. Every fight, no matter how small, causes injuries that will eventually kill the connection.


Rule #3: Everyone is right. That means your partner is never wrong.


Rule #4: When your partner is wrong, return to rule #3.


Like all wild creatures, humans don’t mate well in captivity. You need your freedom to enjoy your wild animus. Once you learn to respect and appreciate each other as is, all spite and meanness disappear. Both partners become considerate and careful to not hurt the other.


Mia and her partner show you how this lifetime can bring both freedom and companionship together. She conducts The Mating Game July 4th-9th online or on Ibiza. Her team conducts the Partnership Weekend in Santa Monica July 22nd & 23rd.


You will be amazed at how good and sweet life can be when you choose the right mate and play a fair, honest game together.


Does a Higher Price Mean a Better Product?

A couture brand recently released a blue tote bag that looks just like the ubiquitous IKEA tote bag. Both are neon blue. They have the same construction. When you look at them together, there's only one major difference--price. Ikea's "Frakta" bag costs 99 cents. The gold-stamped designer creation goes for $2,145.


Ikea doesn't seem to mind. A company spokesperson said: “We are deeply flattered that the Balenciaga tote bag resembles the Ikea iconic sustainable blue bag for 99 cents.” Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag! Would you pay over $2000 for a bag that you can get for $1?


Sage University is offering excellent training for coaches one night each week. Clients pay 20€ per month—around 5€ per session. Compare that with less effective trainings by newly minted coaches who charge many thousands of dollars.


Sage offers courses in English, German, Russian, French, and Spanish. If you attend training in one language, you are free to attend classes in a second language with no additional fee.


These unique online courses include theory and practice. First we demonstrate innovative coaching transformers—patterns of communication that people can use to change their careers and improve their lives. If you attend for several months you will have the tools and the confidence to earn your living by helping other people reach their goals.


Our coaches provide rehearsal and feedback, without advice or criticism. You learn by doing. When you get it right, you inspire your classmates. When your approach fails, your whole team learns from your experience. You can participate in the learning games, or you can listen in until you feel ready to conduct your own interviews.

A construction worker has several toolboxes—one for carpentry, one for plumbing, one for electrical repairs, and one for garden work. Likewise a coach might use NLP, Gestalt, or any one of many approaches to create teamwork and inspire team spirit.


The Sage Method is a non-directive system based on accurate observation and feedback. It provides a highly useful set of communication skills you can use to assist individuals and businesses to achieve harmony. Harmonious families and teams work together for the benefit of everyone.


By paying less you can devote more of your income to creating a good life for you and for those you serve. And you can practice continuous improvement over the span of your career.


Our aim is to empower people from all walks of life in their ability to serve others. Your fellow students come from a variety of countries, so you will also make new friends as you expand your horizons.

For an additional 10€ per month you can add weekly sessions on the topic of entrepreneurship. As you discover the algorithms (step-by-step sequences) behind business procedures you will increase the probability of growing a strong, healthy enterprise.


Authentic Love

In the mating game there are two kinds of love. One is the joyful accident of finding an attractive playmate--one who sees the beauty and goodness in you. This is the marvelous feeling of happiness that goes with falling in love. 


The other love is a true friendship that begins with small acts of kindness and then slowly grows into trust and affection that continue to grow over a lifetime. 


A few fortunate souls create the conditions that bring the best of both great loves. You can prepare your heart and mind to catch that first wave of passion, and then you can transform that spark into a fiery love that burns through the years, transcending time and tragedy. 


A dancing body shifts back and forth from one to another. Likewise, the dance of love shifts seamlessly from flaming passion to the deep cool water of oceanic love. Like the traditional yin/yang symbol, two lovers cycle through the seasons of their lives as a single entity that moves to the inner music they share.  


The first step in the eternal dance of love takes the lead by making a passionate commitment to love unconditionally and eternally. Lovers pledge their lives to one another. They accept anything and everything about each other. People know Hillary Clinton for her powerful public persona. But few recognize that her force grows out of the absolute commitment to her husband. Her loving eyes lifted him to great achievements by creating a true power couple. Whether or not you agree with her politics, there is no denying the power of her loving devotion. 


The second leg of love is disillusionment. No one can create and sustain true love on a fairy tale. Real life doesn't take place between princes and princesses that live in palaces. All people have flaws. Not one person can ever live up to the expectations of another. Once you accept human frailties, then you become capable of deep, abiding love--the kind that a loving mother feels for her baby, without regard for how her beloved looks or feels or acts. 


The art of loving is the ability to move together through the phases of love and the changes that life brings. Don't long for the past or worry about the future. Each year, day, and moment of love is perfectly imperfect. Loving devotion can never fit your pictures or fulfill your expectations. Whatever life brings, just let it be. The best of times and the worst of times are all part of a grand reality. Cold days force you to grow deep roots. Warm days allow you to branch out and produce exquisite flowers, fruits, and seeds for a future that you can only imagine. 


Mei Hillhouse


If you are very fortunate in this life you will meet a great soul whose love and laughter will fill your days with great joy. Shang-Mei Hillhouse was such a person. Her joyfulness changed the lives of everyone she met. She loved and laughed with such abandon that we had to construct a double “blast door” to hold the sound in the Octagon so as not to disturb our neighbors.


Mei passed from her body on May 1st—May Day, of course. She lives on in the love we carry in our hearts and the memories of the wonderful times we shared.


Our hearts are filled with that special warm sadness. We miss her dearly, and at the same time we feel her living on through the sweetness and deep respect she brought to all of us.

The Feminine Community - Maui

Death of a Sales Industry

Hundreds of big retail stores are closing shop. Shopping malls are going belly up. Sears and Macy's are going the way of the K-Mart special. No one misses them much. The time is ripe for entrepreneurs to enter fashion and glamour with innovative boutiques that recognize shopping as entertainment. 


Large corporations had turned the shopping experience into a consumer nightmare. No one wants to shop while holding a full bladder. Men hate standing around while their mates try on endless fashion duds. And who is going to miss the ubiquitous food courts offering rubbery sweets that bloat the waistline?


Strong retailers are beginning to add on bowling alleys and gaming centers. It isn't much, but at least they are realizing that shopping is recreation. Smart retailers are going online, where clients can buy even as they watch a favorite film on Netflix. 


Think of all those lost jobs. Think of all those former employees that will need to start-up small businesses to earn a living. Think of Sage University, where we blend entertaining and enlightening experiences with learning life skills and business training as exciting adventures. 


Business schools today must offer relevant trainings, fair prices, and memorable life-changing experiences. We pioneered these principles in 1980. Today we are the industry leader, offering seminars, workshops, learning-by-doing internships for aspiring entrepreneurs. 


Boredom is the pitfall of education. Perhaps that is why colleges are also closing in record numbers. American college graduates carry 1.3 trillion in debt--money borrowed for degrees that no longer lead to employment. Greedy banks passed laws enabling them to hound student loans far more aggressively than credit card debts. No one wants to pay all that money for the same courses they took in high school. How can a professor spin history classes or abstract mathematics for students who will actually require people skills and entrepreneurial thinking to earn a living?


At Sage you can take a few useful classes, or you can earn diplomas and graduate level degrees that you earn by conducting projects together with our professors and students. The choice is yours. You can master the art of teamwork by creating pilot projects that earn money for you during your student years. By the time you graduate you should be ahead of the game.


You learn trust by going slow. Take a few courses to earn while you learn. Mix and mingle with other successful students and alumni. See if you like our approach. Notice how you and your classmates are finding your way together. If, and only if you create value, then move on to the next small step toward a new career and lifestyle. 


If you crave traditional jobs you will need a standardized education. We don't train engineers, doctors, lawyers, or bureaucrats. Regular schools have the resources for job-based careers. But if you want to travel, enjoy your vocation, and be your own boss, free agent entrepreneurship might be the path you seek.  



Free Agent Lethargy

Everyone wants freedom. No one wants a binding schedule or a boss. People launch pilot projects to earn income by doing what they love. 


Nearly every new entrepreneur falls into the trap of confusing freedom with leisure. They fail to put in the time necessary to keep their cash flowing. Many aspiring free agent entrepreneurs have to try traditional employment once or twice before they get the hang of initiative. 


If you work at a job you will show up every day to do boring, tedious tasks. Your supervisor keeps you focused. If you had your own business and pleasant teammattes, you could all check in throughout the day to develop the focus to move money and the fun of lifting each other up. 


Life is existence. Living life fully requires action games. There are many activities you can harness to increase your cash flow. 


For example, call 100 new people every day to tell them what you are doing. Don't sell. Just share. Even if 1 in 10 get curious, you are adding fans every single day. 


This works equally well with your favorite headphones and a smart phone on a lovely trail or in an attractive neighborhood.


If you are timid or inexperienced do it with a friend or two. The fun increases your motivation and dissipates fear and hesitation. 


There are hundreds of things you can do to grow your venture into an adventure. To learn more, join the Sage Grey Team. We meet online weekly to exchange customer service stories and to expand our inspiration. 



The Spirit of Ibiza

Nature is a living spirit. Our Mother speaks to us in cascading rhythms of light and color. Certain places, such as Maui and Ibiza provide a special venue for light and love to mingle.


We took these photos yesterday on a smartphone, enveloped in breezes of air filled with revitalizing ions. After a long search for a business home, we made the right choice. Now we send you our best wishes in your search for your true calling and for a home base, from whence you can travel to the loveliest places on our little blue planet. We also want to invite you join us here whenever possible. Great friendships are the most beautiful part of life.


Thailand Adventures

Life is a splendid adventure, and all the more so when you journey to exotic locations with true friends that know how to share the spirit of loving kindness.

Thousands of tourists flock to Thailand each winter to enjoy the lovely beaches and the loud celebrations. We go for another reason—to deepen our knowledge of Thai massage and to more fully embrace the loving spirit of the Thai people.

If you are seeking your spiritual center, we truly hope that you will accompany us for one of our future trips. We will be soaking up the sun and discovering the unique Buddhism that characterizes this lovely, loving place.


The Finest Team, Ever

The staff and faculty of Sage University are expanding at a tremendous rate. Not only are we adding new courses and topics—we are also building a team that operates with great harmony and enthusiasm.


It is particularly gratifying to us that so many of our players hail from countries all across the face of the globe. Diaspora is a popular media word for markets created by immigrants. Our team seamlessly blends local and immigrant people who can provide training in a wide variety of languages from a broad spectrum of cultures. While some people spread fear and hate, we are proud to be among those who are finding ways to share peace and prosperity through the medium of entrepreneurship.


Everyone at Sage completes projects. That is how our learning system is designed. Some projects are simple and brief. Others require years of contemplation, planning, and execution. Next year an unprecedented number of people will complete entrepreneurial projects that will change the way people live, work, and play together.


We are equally proud of those who conduct their projects independently and those who are working closely with Sage University. All of you are transforming the world through innovative approaches to education, business, and lifestyle. We are gratified by your initiative.


Jerry Karzen

The most fortunate event in one's life is to spend some time in the presence of a living master. That is why we are so grateful for the precious days we spent together with Jerry Karzen on Ibiza. It will take many years before we are able to process the lessons he provided. 

There will come a day in the distant future when you realize how your mind and body experienced a turning point here--a profound shift that reorganized every aspect of your life. By that time, you will be the living master whose touch and movements wordlessly transform anyone wise enough to devote a little time to absorb your wisdom. 

Wild Things

“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.”  D.H. Lawrence noted that a small bird would drop frozen from a branch without a trace of self-pity. Wild creatures live free from boredom and depression. They can feel ferocity when hungry or threatened. But wild things, both animal and human, don’t indulge in feelings beyond the sensations of pain and pleasure that go with life.


Brooding moods are the domain of domesticated animals—humans most of all. People practically make a religion of self-pity. Popular music and films wallow in the stuff. Therapy, social media, and small talk abound with stories and tones of self-centered obsession.


Are we the victims of our own success? Have our creature comforts weakened our wills and spoiled our strong, resilient natures? Has the good life filled us with impossible expectations? Is life really so terrible as the stories we spin over gourmet coffee in luxury restaurants?


In actual fact, life is wonderful for those who escape domestication. Teachers and role models programmed you to suffer in the face of exquisite beauty and love. Yet you can throw off the shroud of sorrow and find your way back to your wild, sweet nature by making the choice to live as you choose.


Your career choice is important. But the most valuable life skill is the ability to transcend pettiness and to merge into team spirit with your business, herd, pod, flock, or pride. Living in harmony with your inner savage makes life vivid.


When you find your true calling you will lose sympathetic friends in the process of recruiting other adventurers. In the company of gentle, wild creatures your sorrow will dissipate like the morning dew under the bright sunshine. Nature appears in all its glory. Your human nature glows with warmth and affection, even in times of great trouble.

The Power of Cooperation

Corporations and banking systems survive through predatory means by exploiting human capital. Free agent entrepreneurs, on the other hand, grow their businesses through a highly evolved process of cooperation. GWEN-Global Women Entrepreneur Network is the epitome of loving, nurturing cooperativeness. 


The majority of boys play fighting games, while the majority of girls play with dolls. I never felt attracted to either. My bedroom was a small shop where I invited my friends to buy things. It was a sweet little enterprise where I would enjoy sharing my love of commerce with my friends. To this day I view businesses as a place to share wonderful products and services with people who share my values.


The joy of service and the pleasure of shopping come together in the GWEN events. I developed this innovative program for women who appreciate the feminine touch. Every workshop and conference emphasizes a receptive approach to buying and selling. This makes GWEN the perfect place to explore the transition from business as a battlefield to business as a field of beautiful dreams. 


Recently we introduced GMEN for gentle men who are curious about a middle way. Justin Case and Bruce Paillex have received dozens of applications from men who are ready to forego the hostile business tactics based on Attila the Hun by pioneering new business models that don't require armor.


Cooperation among humans gave us the edge over predators with stronger muscles, teeth and claws. GWEN and GMEN are leaderless, self-organizing systems. We invite you to join us and to help us evolve higher, lighter forms of entrepreneurship for those of us who put people above profits and generosity above greed. 


Join us for the 10th Annual GWEN conference, which takes place on Ibiza in October (19.-23.). You will return with new alliances and with friendships that will last a lifetime. 

-Mia Sage

Kulture of Kindness


One of our American clients who attended the Summer semester on Ibiza made an interesting observation. She noted that she flew over because of the wonderful experiences she had with several of the independent coaches and trainers she had met. But on Ibiza she came to realize the core of kindness that forms the spirit of Sage University. 


When our affiliates are on tour they face tough audiences and deal with the vagaries of local cultures that can be harsh. Naturally they are misunderstood on occasion, as they struggle to keep their lights on. But here we gather in a safe, sweet environment that soothes away the hostility and opinions that so often reduce the loving quality of our human nature. 


Like any university, we attract a wide variety of people from different countries, cultures, and callings. That is why we offer courses across a wide spectrum of subjects, including relationship, entrepreneurship, leadership, and salesmanship. Dale Carnegie gave birth to our branch of education with his famous business book, How to Win Friends. Without true friendship, all success is hollow and empty. 


People at their Best

Isn’t it ironic, that people have to work so hard to put food on the table? Cows have only to lower their heads and munch grass. Trees just sit there and let the sun and rain do everything. Our tall, green friends invented solar power before we humans ever thought of it.


As for me, I don’t mind working for a living. I enjoy hard work as long as I can make it fun. But most folks don’t like their jobs due to the unimaginative design employed by companies. Management tends to force people to fit the job rather than organizing the tasks to invigorate the people.


From my perspective, people are at their best when they are productive. Productivity requires focus. People shine when they work as teams to achieve shared goals. The right vocation is better than any vacation. When people complete projects they can see what they have produced. Completion creates team spirit, which inspires people to give their best. The right team performing useful tasks enjoys a sense of satisfaction.  Collaboration can be as refreshing as meditation.


The secret, of course, is the legendary “spoon full of sugar” that helps the medicine go down. The more fun you pour into a job, the greater the pleasure you enjoy.


People aren’t drawn to the tasks. It is the players they love. My clients flock to relationship courses. They need a little more coaxing to attend entrepreneur classes, to learn planning, selling, and managing projects.


The great “secret” of success isn’t really secret at all. People love to take on great challenges together. They are willing to learn business as a game they can share.


Our new Partnership weekend is really popular because it mixes dating, mating, and conducting protective games with the ones you love. I created the course based on the joy I get from doing projects with my man. He is my sugar and I am his honey.


Every day we play in light, high places. The game does the work while we enjoy the journey.

Mia Sage

The Split-Focus Career

After earning a bachelor's degree on a basketball scholarship from Loyola, I enrolled in Sage University to learn the skills of entrepreneurship. The coursework was relevant to building my career, and I developed into a far more compassionate person. My business and my marriage both benefitted from the Sage experience. 


As my career developed I decided to attend medical school to earn a chiropractic degree. I loved the profession, but the education was grueling. As I studied how to improve the health of others, my own health and well-being suffered.


The moment I passed my exams for my license, I enrolled in graduate courses at Sage University. Imagine my relief to be learning exciting human-centered skills to create a career based on the activities I enjoy. Today I am a professor and trainer at Sage, specializing in topics dear to my heart, such as team building and gender studies. 


Peter Drucker extorted the virtues on non-accredited universities in which students could master essential skills for a fast-changing economy. I echo his view. The friends I have made and the innovative entrepreneur skills I gathered have enabled me to build an exciting career that allows me to travel and explore exciting adventures beyond my fondest dreams.


The greatest value for me is the experience of discovering new aspects of myself. I can honestly say that I now live a life much closer to my true nature.


By combing my traditional career with entrepreneurial projects, I am able to stretch myself. Sage is organized around the principle of putting fun into every arena of my life. If you are an adventuresome sort, I highly recommend that you attend a course with me or my associates to see if you are compatible with the products of free agent entrepreneurship.


-Dr. Carly Smith


The New Entrepreneurship

In the early 1900’s automobiles swiftly replaced the horse and buggy. Airplanes lifted mankind into the air and newly discovered wireless communication paved the way for radio and television. Companies that made harnesses and buggy whips fell by the wayside.


Well, here we are again. Intelligent, tireless machines now build our appliances, answer our phones and write software. By the year 2020 those wonderful assistants will have replaced more than a billion workers, freeing us to pursue careers based on services, human development and entertainment. What you will do for a living probably hasn’t been invented yet.


Free agent entrepreneurs earn their living by creating excitement. We don't "go after" the masses. Like sports coaches, we recruit the finest players by creating exciting projects and learning to understand human dynamics. I love being a free agent because I get to do what I enjoy with people who care for each other.


In the job economy people performed simple, repetitive tasks in a hostile environment. Even knowledge workers and highly educated professionals performed robotic tasks with the aim to squeeze greater profits from every billable hour. Humans largely dwelled in cubicles with managers who controlled every thought and movement, including time and bathroom breaks.


Thank goodness that economy is evolving into a more humane business model. As robots replace laborers and smart phones displace banks, more and more people are beginning to explore innovative careers by transforming their pleasure into services for others. Early on I realized that people needed to learn profound people skills to navigate that transition.


When I joined Sage University I never dreamed that I could earn my degrees and work my way into leadership. Now I enjoy the process of recruiting and working together with high performance business practitioners. By the time I earned my Bachelor's degree I had a firm grasp on entrepreneurial business procedures. As I attended graduate courses my people skills were improving with each course that I attended. I began to see and feel the dynamic energy and aliveness of my fellow humans. By the time I had earned my Master's degree I could read the patterns of love and desire that form the core of family and business systems.


Forget about memorizing dates of battles and irrelevant facts. Computers do that for us. It takes compassion and curiosity to succeed as a free agent entrepreneur. People today avoid exploitive systems. That is why I transformed Sage so that people could learn business from the heart. My one and only goal is to keep expanding appreciation, which is the engine of the service economy.

-Mia Sage

Fun da Mentals

When I created Sage University in the early 1990's, my intention was to design an international system of higher learning that would bring pleasure to education. So I focused on real life lessons. Along with traditional courses such as economics and history, I created a relevant curriculum to focus on how people love and how they earn a living. Through collaboration with our students we evolved into the first global university dedicated to the careers and lifestyles of free agent entrepreneurs. 


My highest priority was to share my love of learning. In the 1st grade, Mrs. Owens yanked my hair every time she caught me reading under my desk. The education system of that time wasn't prepared for eager students who took pleasure in absorbing new information. So I was determined to create Sage University as a space in which people could follow their curiosity and organize their education to fit their unique talents and to be constantly attuned to changes in the global economy. 


Fun was the first and most important ingredient. When people laugh, they listen. No other creatures can tell stories and evoke humor that makes you quiver with amusement. And when humans weep, it is because they feel so deeply. Other species whine, and some emit a little moisture from their eyes. But only humans cry and sob with heartfelt grief. Profound caring opens the deepest recesses of the heart. 


You can train animals. But you can educate people. What use is higher learning if it only entails memorization and emotional strain? So we created learning experiments to clear the mind and lighten the heart. 


Now here we are, more than two decades later, offering seminars, courses and conferences designed to inspire people as they master the fundamentals of business and the art of loving. Many of our graduates have started learning organizations of their own. A couple of them tried to monopolize our system by trademarking our name and stealing the logo right off our website. But Sage University is an open source system, akin to Linux. We hold the copyrights on the Sage Method and all related procedures, only to protect them for dissemination in the public domain. You are welcome to apply our innovations and course materials as long as you use them ethically with respect for your clients and associates. 


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I am proud of all the people who have applied our approach in so many venues. And I want to commend Mia Sage for her superb sense of honor and integrity--qualities that have taken Sage University to higher levels than I had ever imagined. She is the Tai Pan and servant leader of hundreds of instructors worldwide who play by the rules and who share our enthusiasm for the "ships"-- entrepreneurship, relationship, leadership, salesmanship, and friendship. 


Although I have long since retired, I remain honorary Chairman of the Board. It gives me great pleasure to assist new professors and associates as they master the professional depth and the levity that makes The Sage Method both relevant and delightful. 


I can honestly say that I have achieved my ultimate desire to overcome the trauma of traditional schooling by becoming a full-time student in a university that enlivens and enlightens adults who are inventing a new entrepreneurial economy. Congratulations to those who are operating service-based businesses that spring from their most cherished ideas. 

-Martin Sage