The Power of Cooperation

Corporations and banking systems survive through predatory means by exploiting human capital. Free agent entrepreneurs, on the other hand, grow their businesses through a highly evolved process of cooperation. GWEN-Global Women Entrepreneur Network is the epitome of loving, nurturing cooperativeness. 


The majority of boys play fighting games, while the majority of girls play with dolls. I never felt attracted to either. My bedroom was a small shop where I invited my friends to buy things. It was a sweet little enterprise where I would enjoy sharing my love of commerce with my friends. To this day I view businesses as a place to share wonderful products and services with people who share my values.


The joy of service and the pleasure of shopping come together in the GWEN events. I developed this innovative program for women who appreciate the feminine touch. Every workshop and conference emphasizes a receptive approach to buying and selling. This makes GWEN the perfect place to explore the transition from business as a battlefield to business as a field of beautiful dreams. 


Recently we introduced GMEN for gentle men who are curious about a middle way. Justin Case and Bruce Paillex have received dozens of applications from men who are ready to forego the hostile business tactics based on Attila the Hun by pioneering new business models that don't require armor.


Cooperation among humans gave us the edge over predators with stronger muscles, teeth and claws. GWEN and GMEN are leaderless, self-organizing systems. We invite you to join us and to help us evolve higher, lighter forms of entrepreneurship for those of us who put people above profits and generosity above greed. 


Join us for the 10th Annual GWEN conference, which takes place on Ibiza in October (19.-23.). You will return with new alliances and with friendships that will last a lifetime. 

-Mia Sage