Calendar of Events


  Date Seminar Location Tuition  
  27.-28. May How to Talk to Women Online 300€  
  01.-05. June Strategic Intervention (5-Day) Online 1.000€  
  10.-11. June Partnerschaft Online 200€  
  13.-18. June Coaching School (6-Day) Online 600€  
  04.-09. July The Mating Game (6-Day) IBIZA 1.000€  
  20.-23. July What to Do Trainer Training Online 400€  
  22.-23. July Partnership Santa Monica $200  
  01.-06. Aug. Live Your Dream (6-Day) IBIZA 1.000€  
  05.-10. Sept. Selling them Softly (6-Day) Online 600€  

* If you register 2 weeks prior to the event, the tuition is $50/50€.



Course schedules depend on enrollment and are therefore subject to change. Please e-mail to confirm dates and location before you book accommodations and flights.



Coaching School 

Better coaches earn more. Continuous improvement grows your business. We provide top quality weekly sessions online at

A profound reading experience that will open your eyes to a new way of relating with men.