Course schedule


Nov. 15.-Dec. 20. Sage Incubator Level 2: Growing Your Business Online 250€  
19.-22. Nov. Sleight of Mind IBIZA 400€  
24.-25. Nov. Live Your Dream Online 200€  
01.-02. Dec. How to Talk to Men Los Angeles $200  
06.-09. Dec. Maui Magic Maui $1000  
28.-31. Dec. Healing the Human Energy System IBIZA 400€  
02.-06. Jan. Self-Actualization IBIZA 2.500€  
09.-13. Jan. Selling to the Top IBIZA 2.000€  
26.-27. Jan. Human Dynamics I Online ***  
01.-03. Feb. Who You Are Online 300€  
23.-24. Feb. Human Dynamics II Online ***  
01.-03. Mar. The Art of Seeing IBIZA 300€  
05.-10. Mar. The Mating Game IBIZA 1.000€  
23.-24. Mar. Human Dynamics III Online ***  
10.-14. April Strategic Selling Online 1.000€  
27.-28. April Human Dynamics IV Online ***  
07.-12. May Media & Film School IBIZA 1.000€  

At Sage University we value flexibility. You can take any courses in any order you like.
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*** These classes are part of a 30-Day doctoral program. Please contact us for more information. 


Course schedules depend on enrollment and are therefore subject to change.
Please e-mail to confirm dates and location before you book accommodations and flights.