Free Agent Lethargy

Everyone wants freedom. No one wants a binding schedule or a boss. People launch pilot projects to earn income by doing what they love. 


Nearly every new entrepreneur falls into the trap of confusing freedom with leisure. They fail to put in the time necessary to keep their cash flowing. Many aspiring free agent entrepreneurs have to try traditional employment once or twice before they get the hang of initiative. 


If you work at a job you will show up every day to do boring, tedious tasks. Your supervisor keeps you focused. If you had your own business and pleasant teammattes, you could all check in throughout the day to develop the focus to move money and the fun of lifting each other up. 


Life is existence. Living life fully requires action games. There are many activities you can harness to increase your cash flow. 


For example, call 100 new people every day to tell them what you are doing. Don't sell. Just share. Even if 1 in 10 get curious, you are adding fans every single day. 


This works equally well with your favorite headphones and a smart phone on a lovely trail or in an attractive neighborhood.


If you are timid or inexperienced do it with a friend or two. The fun increases your motivation and dissipates fear and hesitation. 


There are hundreds of things you can do to grow your venture into an adventure. To learn more, join the Sage Grey Team. We meet online weekly to exchange customer service stories and to expand our inspiration.