I want to encourage anyone who wants to run their own business to attend Sage University courses. I am an alumni of the four year program. My personal testimony is that if you follow the simple instructions, success will follow.

I have employed a fraction of the concepts that I learned and have been extremely pleased with the outcome.  Being able to read people and identify what lights them up along with being of service to everyone is truthfully enough to join the millionaire club. Resistance to change and the ability to believe that it’s O.K. to change (knowing that you are not selling-out) stops lots of us. Wanting to be right is the other major hurdle. The Sage trainers always say “would you rather be right or rich?”  Rich is a lot more fun!

-Judith Belanger


I scraped up cash by selling a car to take a sales class in Hawaii on short notice. I was in my mid-twenties. My husband and I started a company that year by making large sales to the government and Fortune 500 companies following the principles in the class, reaching over $2 million in sales the first year. I highly recommend everyone in sales, marketing, and business ownership to take this class sooner rather than later.

-M. Cavanaugh , M.B.A.


I want to mention how impressed I am by results people I know have had from taking your courses --particularly looking younger. Their enthusiasm and gratitude for your work is well earned. 

It is evident that your students receive a comprehensive and dynamic approach to personality that ties together the major components of body-mind and personality in a remarkable way. And in tune with our times. 

-Yours Truly, Robert L. Whiteside


I love Sage University! Before being introduced to Sage, I was very lost and uncertain of what I wanted to do with my life. My romantic relationship had recently ended, and a couple weeks later, so did my work contract. I was feeling pretty devastated. 

After just one quick Sage coaching session, I was drawn in, and I took several classes thereafter. The in-class “interviews,” training material, coaching, and teamwork opportunities have been invaluable. Sage University facilitators are trained to very skillfully “read” people and identify what “lights them up.” They have helped me to uncover my true self and what I’m here to do on this planet. I finally feel I have direction again along with the enthusiastic support of a team of Sage University people to help me live my best life. 

My experiences with the Sage team have been phenomenal. This place is run by and is for sweet, loving, high integrity people with a commitment to living their dreams and helping others do the same. I’ve also been super impressed with their daily practice to do everything in life with a light and playful heart. It’s such a beautiful way to live.

In gratitude, Mae Robinson


Dearest Sage University,

I attended a thirty-day leadership training in Austin, Texas, in 1997 which had a profound influence on my life's trajectory path. In June 2012, I enrolled in Sage University Online and I have immensely enjoyed watching & listening to the coaching and the “Best of” videos. The videos are a profound and powerful training tool. I am excited to continue with such an authentic & inspirational process.

Warm Regards,

-Anna Maria Markantonis


Great University.......full of good ideas and ways to bring them to fruition in the lives of their students.

-Jerry Karzen


Thanks for the most uplifting, exuberant weekend. I am very obviously opened in a new way and I am ever thankful for that. It is simply wondrous and thrilling to be able to think better - a fabulous gift. 

-Lindsay Jenkins


Worth every investment of your heart, time, and money. You won't find anything like it anywhere else in the world.

-Sandy Parker


If you are looking for a new direction in your life or a way to up your game, Sage University is the place to be. I birthed a profitable corporate comedy troupe and became an executive coach changing hundreds of lives as a result of my journey with Sage University and Sage Innovations.

-Patty Shull


I would like to thank you for the coaching session today. I was so touched, and I am so thankful for all your feedback. You really opened my eyes, but much more I actually felt physically how my heart opened. I was so happy about what you were telling me. That's what I wanted to let you know. Thank you for being on this planet and for coaching me!!!

-Love, Heike Hoch


What a great institution with a storied tradition. My aunt was one of it's first Graduates.

There Motto should be HAVE NO FEAR. SAGE U IS HERE (-; 

-Claudia Mayweather


Whenever there's a challenge in my life like a public speaking event or an important negotiation, I tune into recorded Sage University sessions on my iPod and let myself sink into the vibration. What comes out is a peaceful, vivid and curious me.

-Anne Pieper


Perfect for free agent entrepreneurs!!! We liked your program. Greetings from Austria. Thanks for your effort.



Visited the campus the other day and it was wonderful! Can't wait to come back.

-Kate Fields


My life changed completely after attending several courses of Sage University: I quit my job, moved to Ibiza and work now as a professional coach and trainer. Selling has become fun since I listen to the great audio-tapes „Forget About Selling“ and watch Sage University Online. All that improved my selling and coaching skills step by step.

I also want to note the raise of my energy-level: I was never as light and happy as I am now! Thank you! You are the best coaches to bring out the best in people!

-Love, Andrea Ludwig


My first training with you was in March of this year. At that time my new venture was in shambles and I was about to go out of business to financially survive on a personal level. Immediately after my first training, I redesigned my business. I unleashed my desires and dreams, set goals that were attainable. I began to recognize many more moments of joy and enthusiasm, which tapped me into sources of vitality. I developed a team, a business of total integrity and a game which produced results. 

I have since taken two other trainings from you and each time has been more powerful and meaningful. After my participation in each session, I achieved more results than I ever dreamed possible. I am having a more balanced life with meaningful business relationships. Thank you for being part of my transformation. 

-Sandra M. 


If you're seeking your authentic self the Sage team are the folks to guide you to find and fulfill your life's purpose.

-Sheri Brockett


Great stuff, different approach but already working for me!

-Terry Barnes


In the course of the past six years, I have spent many weeks attending trainings offered by your organization. I have seen tremendous value being created for hundreds of people, including myself. The results are measurable and tangible in many terms --health, happiness, income, relationships -- even after short training sessions. 

I appreciate that you inspire your clients to live the enthusiastic successful lives they have always desired. Your work shows me clearly that one human being with strong intent and commitment to absolute integrity can literally change the world of the benefit of the whole community. Your contribution to my career is beyond measurement. 

-Hans B.


I attended your course Time & Money. The insight and education I received outweighed anything pertaining to life or business that I have learned in school or day to day. I want to thank you for helping me to see other opportunities that are within my reach. 

-Shari B. 


It has only been four months since I came in contact with your learning method, but still I have experienced a renewed interest in life. I feel much healthier and I can see in my videos that I look much younger. My excitement about life has returned. Most importantly, I have finally found the work that I can believe in and dedicate myself to. 

-Ursula H.


As you know, before "What to Do with The Rest of Your Life," my Colorado Chiropractic practice was teetering on the edge of ruin. Within three months after the course my net income was more than the previous nine months - COMBINED! I attribute this income increase to The Sage Learning Method and the Entrepreneurial series of courses. I also don't hesitate to tell anyone that I've learned more about business in the 30-day consultant's training than in four years of chiropractic college and nine years of practice. 

-Dr. M. Sturgeon


My heart and soul thanks you! I have found my next steps with full clarity and it is through your training and education! I am excited, inspired, and deeply moved by Mia and all the beautiful women of GWEN. I am signed up for the next year with Sage University, I want to learn and embody it all so I can share it with the world! 

-Kyahnasun Dakini


I agree with Kyahnasun, I too have experienced a shift in my life by meeting the women of GWEN and being ignited by their passion, excitement and love for life and for helping others to achieve their dreams! Looking forward to Ibiza in February!



Since I took my first course with you my lifestyle has changed dramatically. I used to live on a hobby farm in a quaint little town. I drove a Mazda and worked as a financial planner. Now I live in a high rise where I am pleasantly greeted each evening. I drive a Mercedes Benz, and most importantly I have made a career out of a life of leisure. I remember how skeptical I was the first time I heard "Whatever you love doing, someone is making a living at it." I thought, "Maybe someone else can, but not me!" Now I have a consulting service where I train men about courtship and dating. Essentially I get paid while being wined and dined. 

Before I was introduced to the Sage Learning Method, my life was headed for boredom and mediocrity. I am a very intelligent woman and saw that my talents were not being used. I also knew that no matter how much I applied myself at work I was never going to tap my potential and earn the kind of money I was capable of making. I appreciate that in your trainings, my intelligence is not only honored but also nurtured and developed. 

I would like to thank you for the depth of your commitment. I have travelled to many parts of the world to participate in all kinds of trainings but nothing comes close to the work that you do. The quality and integrity of your work is unsurpassed. 

With deep respect and admiration, Mary Beth Mahoney


Dear Sage University Team,

Thank you for the wonderful, intense, inspiring and empathetic coaching during the coaching game seminar last week. 

-Kindest regards from Hamburg, Sabine Siehl


Has Bill Clinton attended Sage University?
 This was my first thought as I read a CNN article ( which outlines former President Clinton’s play to U. S. economic recovery.
 My thoughts immediately raced to the immense relief I experienced during one of my darkest economic periods. June 2008 was the first time in 23 years of my business that I had exhausted my savings to keep the doors open and my income was still in negative numbers.
 My spirit was broken along with my bank accounts. How was I to recover??
 A stroke of luck, an acquaintance came to town and reminded me of a resource. I enrolled in Sage University and began studying business as a GAME!!!!
 Since then everything has changed. I am back in the game of business, making more money than I ever have, having more fun and even coaching others to join the “game”. Thank you Sage University for putting me back on track.

 -Dr. Marie Cavanaugh


Sales & Marketing radically changed my understanding of excelling in sales. Frankly spoken, I never really enjoyed the selling part. But this way of selling is pure fun. And on a deeper level it resonates very nicely with our true desire for dealing with human beings.

-Dr. Till Noethel (entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in leading marketing & sales positions within the FMCG industry) 


Hi Sage University,

Thank you for the great Sales & Marketing Seminar during the week from 16. to 21. May. It gives me a complete new view on sales. The seminar turned on my lights and really went to the bottom of my heart. Thank you also to the participants. They were a huge help and support to me :-) I`ll be back for sure!

-Jan Winter


Hi Mia!

It was great to see you and work with you this past weekend. What I felt during the seminar with you was my heart opening and becoming lighter. You did a great job creating an environment of lightness and compassion, while giving very precise feedback and useful information. As a trainer, I felt going through the role-plays as a participant gave me more compassion and empathy toward the participants. Big, big thank you to you!



Three years ago I was working a job that I did not like and I was living where I did not want to live. As a psychiatric nurse, I looked old and depressed. I was bored much of the time. 

I believe that my exposure to and participation in the Sage Learning Method has turned my life around. I am self-employed as a training consultant. Now I do what I love to do and live in a warm climate and travel frequently. What is more, I look 15 years younger and people comment on it all the time. Life is much more fun, exciting and interesting. 

I highly recommend the Sage Learning Method to anyone who wants a better more productive life. 

-Carol Starr


As you know I started an entirely new career (automobile sales) two months ago. My first month I basically starved, only selling one and a half cars in three and a half weeks. Just when I was about to throw in the towel, I decided to join one of your courses. Since then my results have been outstanding. Not only have I more than quadrupled my sales volume (ending with 11 cars last month), but my average gross has been about $2000.00 per car. Last week I sold four and a half cars with a total gross profit of $10,342.00. I feel more motivated, confident and more determined than ever before! I would recommend this opportunity to anyone who wants to have more success than they could have imagined. 

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such an extraordinary, productive organization. 

Sincerely, Michelle Mullins. 


Mia; Thank You sooooo much for sharing the Interview with Marianna on Sage TV. I learned heaps from watching it. I saw lots of myself in that interview. To observe the distinction between when she answered questions conceptually compared to when her Chi came into her physiology was mind blowing. You've gotten me even more curious in fine tuning my coaching and training skills. To me there is no greater gift than assisting someone in popping out of their trance and seeing who they really are. You are an inspiration. I look forward to more.

Ciao for now.

-Vinnie Monaco


Hi Mia,

I want to thank you for everything I experienced in Ibiza during the How To Talk to Men class. My life has changed forever and I will always be thankful for the love that you put into your coaching classes. I have been listening to the audio CDs that I bought and that really keeps me in check when I talk to all the men that come across my path. I feel so much love for them that it is incredible how things have turned around in my life. Talking to them and even looking in their eyes feels so easy and flowing like the ocean. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

 -Xochitl Hernandez


As a direct result of attending your training, I am applying your method to better my business and personal life. Both have advanced beyond my wildest dreams. 

My business is making more money and running more smoothly and efficiently. As a result, I am better able to manage my staff and my time. This has allowed me greater freedom to travel and pursue my other hobbies. 

-Paul B. 


Just finished session one of Coach Me If You Can via Google hangout. Wow. Glad I turned off my mind as it is unlike anything I have experienced as yet.

It's learning to coach from the cellular level. I want to transform the learning into light, and radiate that into space. If I were to describe the course... it's a syncratic harmonization of Zen monastic unlearning, General systems theory, Schrodinger's cat, Whack on the side of the head, Energy facilitation, Spirit quest, whilst riding on the vibration of Love. And this is only session Uno? 

And who cares if I am wrong. Right. Play on ;-p

-Keeping Lau


The training I have taken with your organization has changed my life for the better. I now have purpose, enjoyment, enthusiasm, and direction in all facts of my life--especially business. I have finally found what I love doing and earn a living doing it. No more boring 8 to 5 job for me!

Again, thank you for your honesty. It saved my life. 

-Taras Craig


Dear Mia, 

I want to thank you for the powerful and shockingly honest Geisha School Training I attended in February.  

All my life I was trained to look at men as “the enemy”. During the week, however, I began to understand that the opposite is true. They are our strongest allies! This revelation alone, would have been worth the money and time I spent for the course, but I got so much more. 

Everyday I became more aware that my power as a woman lies in my receptivity and my femininity.  I would never have believed that learning how to be in service to powerful men could  be so pleasurable, relaxing and dare I say it...”orgasmic”. 

I have to admit, however, it wasn't always “fun and games”. The truth that women's meanness keeps us poor and lonely wasn't easy to hear. But, as they say “The truth shall set you free”. 

Since the training I have been much more attentive to what the men in my life need and they have responded with warmth and generosity. 

Thanks again, 



Sage University gave me the communication tools to deal with life's drama and put it to the side once and for all. They teach things that nobody taught me at school like how to have a relationship, how to sell, how to be an entrepreneur and how to be a leader. I got out of the corporate world and I have my own coaching practice now. I go back to Europe every year to get more training. The tools at Sage University tame people's ego so they become calm and this becomes very magnetic to what they want like more money and more love. Without them I would not have the kind of partnership I have with my man and the deals I have done with several business men. These tools allow you to receive more in life by getting out of the way and being in service for people!!

-Mariana Cortez


Dearest Mia,

Thank you again for 2 weeks of life-changing seminars: Geisha School Intensive and How To Talk to Men 6-Day in beautiful Honolulu. I am still digesting and absorbing what has happened for the past two weeks. You have touched me so deeply that no words can do justice to describe the actual effects the seminars have given me. 

All I know for now is that, I am more connected with my husband - whom I love dearly, but didn't have the tools and discipline to create the kind of harmonious relationship that we, or anyone for that matter, deserve. 

Thank you for all of the role-plays, interviews, and experiential games we played and performed in the seminars - they are super fun and very effective ways to learn. God bless you and your work, dear miracle worker.

With lots of love and gratitude,

 -Dr. Mei Hillhouse 


Dear Sage University Team,

I am a professional coach. Since I am regularly watching Sage University Online, the quality of my coaching has improved so much. Better said: I am more often a coach.

What has the biggest effect for me is the energy I get from watching each show. For example, while I am answering e-mails or between phone calls, I watch little pieces. Sometimes I get in a bad mood because of a rejection on the phone or an e-mail that argues about something. Then I feel like giving up. By accident I watch a broadcast of you, and I feel the energy moving in. I am inspired to get back on the phone and my creativity comes back.

I also love it when I am in a coaching session and the same kind of energy I get from the broadcasts comes out of me, through my voice and my body. It is like the clients wake up, start lighting up and glowing. I can now do that also on the phone.

Today one of my clients needed coaching about a situation in her company. It wasn't so much what I said that helped her. It was my energy. I brought her out of the blocked perception that "something was wrong" and she started seeing she just got pulled into a drama created by a couple of her employees. Even through the phone I could hear and feel how she relaxed. Soon we were both lauging about the situation. Now she has a whole new set of options and strategies to deal with those kinds of issues.

-Sylvester Becker


Dear Mia, 

Thank you so much for a wonderful Geisha School. I learned so much. The art of listening and serving others and the art of communication in a way that leaves people inspired. And also the art of being elegant, present and respectful in every moment. I am very much looking forward to taking it to the next level and taking your Geisha School Intensive program. 

With love,

-Leah Iny


Dear Mia,

As I watch Sage University Online every morning, over and over again, I find such value in the words, the message and the energy that you create. After spending 11 years in the traditional University setting to become a doctor, it is such a great service you provide by setting a standard, that in my opinion, is so much higher than any other University out there. I have learned so much more about business, sales, life, love and relationships from Sage University than I have learned from all my years in school.

Since my very first seminar, Time and Money, I have been able to see what I am capable of and how I want my life to be. Since then, I have gone through ups and downs in my life, but you have always been there to show me the light at the end of the tunnel and to keep me true to myself. You have shown me how to create harmony in my life and my relationships so that I can find peace in everything I do. As I continue to take small steps toward my ultimate goals, I find myself thinking of the life I was headed for years ago, boring, ordinary, with no passion.

I have accomplished so much more than I thought possible because of your guidance. Thank you for your honesty, acceptance, love and unconditional belief in me that has inspired me to reach for my dreams.

-Carly Smith


The only University whose goal is Student-focused. Unlike all the other Universities, Sage University's only priority is that the needs and desires of the students are met and that each student graduates with a viable and and profitable business plan. No other University prepares their students to be a positive contribution on society better than Sage University!

-Bruce Paillex


Dear Mia,

 I took part in your course “Geisha School” and I have to admit that it was the toughest training I have ever done so far. – But this training was also full of smoothness and pleasure, especially when we went to the spa!

You really opened my eyes and you gave me the key to understand things going on in my life that I have never seen like that before. Thank you Mia for telling me so honest about my gift - and about my “shadow” which is stopping me from using my power!

With this knowledge I have already been able to change a lot in my life. It has become so much easier for me to handle conversation, especially with men, because I now feel much more secure in what I am saying and doing. Since taking part in “Geisha School” making business with men (and women) is much easier for me- and much more fun! It is amazing! „Geisha School“ really is worth its weight in gold!

-Martina Weihrich


Sage University is a great institution. You can definitely see pride and tradition taking place here.

-Alex Anderson


Today many successful business women have lost the connection to their sweet, feminine nature. In order to stand their ground in the male oriented business world they have become hard and morose. Geisha School Intensive is a training that shows you how to move money by developing your femininity. Through getting in touch with your inner woman you will find the strength that is inside you when you are receptive. After I attended my first Geisha School training I significantly increased my skills as a consultant and trainer and got a promotion shortly after.

 -Dr. M.S.


Thanks to How to Talk to Men I'm with the love of my life! He's generous, protective and productive. I never in my life thought I'd meet someone I could be totally present with and be received for exactly as I am and who I'm striving to be. My man worships the ground I walk on and makes me feel like a queen. Sage teaches the tool of acknowledgement and what to look for to pick a high caliber partner which is what I was looking for! This resource is a true gem!

-Cynthia Okimoto


How to Talk to Men (the book and the course) has transformed all the relationships in my life. It has helped me unlearn a lot of patterns, like taking things personally. I also learned how to be playful again, and to give simple, loving feedback. Mia's work showed me how to speak respectfully to men and to ask them for what I want. 

It's one thing to find a man, and it's a whole different thing to keep a man and live in a harmonious partnership. Mia's wisdom has brought out the best in me, and therefore I see the very best in others. Every woman is wise and so are you. Get your copy of the book and learn how to make the Flip so you can make a new choice every moment of your life.

-Maria Stoffers


I attended the Geisha School Intensive in the most amazing place - Waikiki, Honolulu. What a great opportunity to feel the connection with other women and to recognize that we all need this wonderful female community. In the seminar I realized that I love to be on stage and entertain other people. For the first time in my life I performed the song „The Power of Love“. This could happen because of the sweet environment and connection between all the Geishas. Thank you for bringing out the entertainer in me. 

-Andrea Goebbels


Liebes Sage University Team,

nachdem fast ein Jahr vergangen ist seit ich am Seminar "Kommunikation und Teambildung" teilgenommen habe, möchte ich Euch berichten was sich seither bei mir verändert hat.

Unmittelbar nachdem ich vom Seminar zurückkam hat sich mein Verhältnis zu meinem Chef grundlegend verbessert.

Ausserdem habe ich ein Backseminar gestartet. Von der Qualitaet des Endproduktes konntet ihr euch ja selbst ueberzeugen.

Das entscheidende war, dass ich einer Frau begegnet bin. Obwohl wir zunächst beide Gründe suchten warum wir nicht zusammen passen, haben wir uns mittlerweile unsere gegenseitige Liebe und Wertschätzung gestanden.

Ich hoffe dass diese Entwicklung weitergeht und danke Euch beiden, dass Ihr mir geholfen habt sie in Gang zu setzen.

Nochmals vielen Dank und ich freue mich weiterhin mit Euch zusammen zu arbeiten.



Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser tollen neuen Website. Sehr gelungen und geschmackvoll.

-Liebe Grüsse, Peter


Die Geisha-School hat mir die Augen geöffnet, wie tief und kraftvoll eine ehrenvolle Verbindung zu Frauen sein kann. Mit Frauen zusammen zu sein und ein Geheimnis zu teilen ohne viel darüber zu reden, sondern ein tiefes Wissen um diese Verbindung zu haben. Mia Sage schafft es mit ihrer Leichtigkeit , Tiefe und Ehrlichkeit diese ehrenvolle Atmosphäre  zu entfalten. 

Durch die Geisha School wurde mir noch klarer, auf welcher Grundlage die Kommunikation mit Menschen funktioniert und wie ich Vertrauen und Frieden ausstrahlen kann.

Ich habe gelernt, dass alle Stimmungen und Gefühle in mir sind und eigentlich nichts mit den Menschen um mich herum zu tun haben. Nur mein Kopf versucht eine Begründung für diese Stimmungen zu finden.

Wenn ich mit meinem Partner zusammen bin, kann ich jetzt viel schneller erkennen, dass eine Laune eben eine Laune ist und meistens nicht direkt etwas mit Ihm zu tun hat. Das alles entspannt unser Zusammenleben ungemein und macht das Leben soviel einfacher!

-Lola Amekor


Geisha School war für mich eine faszinierende und wegweisende Erfahrung!

Mia Sage hat die Werte der traditionellen Geisha auf spannende und spielerische Weise in die Modern Geisha School impliziert und die Geheimnisse der Geisha jeder Frau zugänglich gemacht.

Durch dieses sehr tiefgreifende und außergewöhnliche Training habe ich die Kraft und Macht weiblicher Energie im Zusammensein mit anderen Frauen kennengelernt.

Im Zusammenspiel mit dieser weiblichen, kraftvollen Energie und den "Modern Geisha Tools" habe ich oftmals sehr erfolgreich knifflige Situationen im Geschäfts- sowie im Privatleben charmant und spielerisch lösen können.

Geisha School war für mich eines der besten und tiefgreifendsten Trainings. Es ist ein weiterer Meilenstein meiner sehr spannenden Reise.

Mein besonderer Dank gilt Mia für diese reiche Erfahrung!

-Patricia Poss, Unternehmerin, Coach & Trainer


I am devouring my How to Talk to Men book, my relationships have all significantly shifted. There are two in particular, one - a colleague at work with whom I had friction, and the other is my loved man. The colleague and I are suddenly friends, without any effort at all; and the immediate and sudden change in intimacy with my very beloved man within seconds of seeing him, after I had changed my perspective, is beyond stunning. I nearly lost a truly great person, because of what appeared to be legitimate resentments. He is a force of nature and so sensitive and loving, I am strong and my prosperity is growing as I listen to him and take his advice. I am beyond ecstatic.



The energy of unconditional love that emanates from the How to Talk to Men book is blowing me away... I'm amazed by Mia's discipline to stay connected with her man, to constantly create a game with him to keep the marriage alive and exciting, and to stay light and open-hearted when in communication with him.

Being in harmony with men is totally possible once the woman understands the different types of men with compassion and the grip that mythology has on her, she can be wiser in choosing a mate, and she can devise a strategy to keep the relationship fruitful and harmonious.

This book offers so much hope to couples and to single women... I highly recommend it!!!

Keep on writing Mia, with your words you spread seed of love, peace and compassion throughout this planet...

-Flo Bowen, Poet and Author of Feed Your Soul


The How to Talk to Men book and seminars have changed my life. I am much happier now with my relationships than ever before. This book is easy to read and it has a lot of wisdom. My husband and I live in harmony and the connection is deeper since I discover this fabulous tribe. I learned to accept love within myself and others as well.

-Sandra Snethen, Teacher and entrepreneur.


The book (and the courses) have changed my life complety. Now I can understand men and now I know what I want.

This makes things so simple and brings so much love and respect in my life.

Thank you, Mia - you did a great job by writing this wonderful book. I can feel your love and your passion in every sentence.

Reading the book makes me so calm and peaceful.

Sorry for my english - my native language ist german. Reading and understanding is much easier than writing english ;-)



The How To Talk To Men book by Mia Sage is one of the best books ever written. I love every sentence, every story, message, and humor in it. Every sentence is so profound, inspiring, eye opening, fun and lovely. Can't have enough of it. WOW! I recommend 100% to everybody to have this book. It is the bible, the manual book for every woman on this planet.



I've been reading your How to Talk to Men book. And I must say it is sooooooooooooo GOOD. I find myself reading one of the short chapters and feeling like there is an exponential wealth in it. It energetically creates an expanded space in my heart and I so love that. Thank you soooo much for being in service to us and being a shining star for all of us to see. You are awesome!!

Much Love and Business,



Me and my wife had great fun reading the How to Talk to Men book. Sooooooo much information on the men and women game. I liked it very much. My wife tells everbody about it because it is important for all women to know how to have a life in harmony and wealth.

-Robert Rossel


My very first, amazing experience with Mia Sage's book: I had not even yet read it, just connected with the How to talk to Men-Berlin-women promoting the book and its spirit, when we went to a dance club after our meeting. In the disco I was charmingly and attentively approached and invited by a nice man to dance, for a drink, asked for my phone number and - the next day - for a date... A couple of days later reading Mia's book I found the explanation, why the game that evening went so easily and light: Appreciating men's advances and courage by "Just say(ing) Yes". It's a great pleasure to still keep browsing the chapters, be playful afterwards, having more and more joyful encounters with amiable men and of course the women sharing the spirit.



As a woman who is married to a woman, I have been frequently asked both why I would read the How to Talk to Men book as well as attend the corresponding workshops. Well, men are half of the human race. I have male friends, family, and business associates. What did I have to lose? Nothing. What did I have to gain? Valuable insight that has helped me improve my communication with both men and women. Men and women are not the same. Understanding, accepting, and embracing our differences is essential to move forward so that we can live in harmony and do business with each other in prosperity. I like, enjoy, and accept men as they are. My feminism does not include trying to change them, but does include making them my allies. I highly recommend this book to women who love men, women who have sons, and everyone in between.



How to Talk to Men is an amazing book. It’s not a self-help book or resource, it’s more like the guide for women in search for their partner. It spells it out clearly and precisely – opens your brain to a different dimension when you look at men. It keeps you flipping pages unable to put it down. If you’re ready to find that special one, read this book. You will not regret it!!!

-Maria Reyes


The How to Talk to Men book saved my life! Now, instead of pushing and pulling the men in my life, I use the tools of communication to win them to my side. By reading this book I learned that I have been programed to see men as opponents, through family, friends, tv, society and past experiences in my relationships. I was looking at men through the unclear lenses and it was making my life miserable. I didn't know what to do? It was literally exhausting me. All I wanted was a harmonies relationship, and I was looking for answers everywhere!

One day my friend recommended the HTTTM book and I decided I have nothing to loose and everything to gain, so I bought and read the book.

And now I see that men are essential in our lives. I am now in a partnership with a great man, who wants me to have everything I desire and who I appreciate and acknowledge daily. All thanks to the easy and fun communication tools I learned form the How to Talk to Men book.

I can go on and on how great this book is, but you need to read it for yourself. And if you are wondering if it's going to be worth your time, then ask yourself this question: Are you getting everything you want from the men in your life?

Enjoy the read!

-Polina Stolyar


I became curious about this book after doing many How to Talk To Men workshops and it was above and beyond what I expected it to be. I have always had great relationships with men but this book really polished my communication with them. I read this book back when I was starting a new relationship and the tools that I took from Mia Sage helped me stay connected to my partner and we are 3 years strong into a harmonious partnership.

It has also done wonders with the men that I do business with because I has forever changed the way look at and interact with them. I highly recommend this book for men and women and consider it a relationship bible. I have yet to find another book with such great and simple tools that can be applied immediately and create drastic change so fast.

Mia does a fantastic job in teaching women how to win in their communication with men in a true genuine manner with love and respect no games or tricks which is a breath of fresh air. You learn to empower yourself as a woman by winning the trust and the hearts of the men around you.

This is a true gem!



Everyone should read this book, both men and women. I have read it numerous times, and each time, I get something new from it. From psychology, to mythology, to science, and many other subjects, this book give you great tools to communicate with your partner. And this book is great for both private relationships and business relationships. If you want to earn more money, then read this book.



This book really tells it like it is. At once irreverent and respectful, it touches the heart of the reader with its simple approaches to understanding male/female drives.

I refer to it often to understand my business partners, my spouse and my son. Each time I read, it amuses and touches me. Definitely needs to be a textbook in business schools.

-Karen Blum


This book was really easy to read and offered a lot of information. Mia gives tools for better communication with men and ultimately everyone. This is a much needed topic. The world is better for everyone when we all communicate.

-Chris Kay


How to Talk to Men is a book that has been a wonderful eye opener and is an easy read.

Theses two sentences: My sensitivity provides radar to his brute force. We protect each other. Are so insightful and beautiful. There are so many jewels in this book! Enjoy!




There was one sentence which struck me most: Men a obsessed to win. Reading this my heart burst wide open for my sons and my husband. So often their obsession really got on my nerves. Since I read this awesome book I am full of respect and deep love for who they are.



Me and my wife had great fun reading it. Sooooooo much information on the men and women game. I liked it very much. My wife tells everbody about it because it is important for all women to know how to have a life in harmony and wealth.



Mia Sage, a young coach and trainer from Berlin who is currently living in Spain, has produced one of the finest volumes I have had the privilege of reviewing ever since I started writing book reviews nearly two full decades ago. How to Talk to Men: The Geisha & the Gorilla is so outstanding that its scope greatly exceeds its title, which in any event only describes a small portion of its topic of how women can maximize the effectiveness of their lives and their relationships. Sage's achievement inspires the reader and points us the way to improving ourselves and to thereby helping make the world a better place. At first it may seem surprising, but ultimately it is inevitable, that her book will be one with which no reader will fully agree.

First of all, it must be admitted, this book is written primarily for women yet I, a man, am reviewing it. No doubt some women will be put off by this book, at least initially. The author is not afraid to say what she thinks, and many of her opinions run against prevailing political winds and well-worn ruts of accepted thinking.

Sage could not have a more appropriate last name, and shows it through numerous bon mots that she tosses off with a seeming lack of effort: "To find and keep a man, you have to see the partnership game through his eyes. It's not easy being a man in today's world." "When your love heals a man, he responds with deep gratitude and with a special love that flows out from the vulnerability that men habitually hide." "If you have involuntarily brought a man down, you are the only person that can win him back. Make him a winner. Give him unconditional respect. Watch how he transforms into a loving mate."

The author most definitely is not a starry eyed mystic who has lost touch with the sometime ugly reality of daily life. Far from it. Talking about honesty, she observes:

Men lie. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. They tell you how good you look, even when you don't....

Women lie too. Thinking we are better or different only makes us set impossible standards.

Sage believes that a woman will be in closer touch with nature than her male partner, and that ultimately, the woman should decide where the couple is to live and the man should go where she wants to go. "Don't worry about where your man wants to live. You are his link to nature. When Momma is happy, everybody's happy."

Why do I consider this truly amazing book, which is virtually guaranteed to both deeply charm and at times infuriate its readers, so important? It openly confronts received wisdom, fearlessly battling for a higher truth that will enable us all to shine as profoundly as we can. "Partnership only works when you can hold your vision of the man no matter how many times he falls down." Later she expands a bit, "My man is innocent in my eyes--no matter what. I know that he is always motivated by sweet, gentle love. By seeing that quality, I am creating it."

The same principle is true for women as well, as Sage shows us using mythology. She tells the captivating story of an old hag to whom King Arthur had to promise his knight in marriage before she would save the king from great danger. After the wedding, the hag appeared to her husband as a great beauty, telling him she could be beautiful either by day or night, as he commanded. He told her, "It is your life and your body, so you choose," and she answered him, "Because you honor my sovereignty, I choose to be beautiful both day and night."

Another myth that the author retells shows an island man paying eight cows in exchange for a plain, skinny, hunched over girl who probably could have been obtained for two or at most three cows. The author concludes the story as follows: "In her birth village, Serita was a normal girl. In the village of her husband, she blossomed into a beautiful woman. She became an eight-cow wife."

Any book this courageous is bound to include ideas that any given reviewer is likely to see as imperfections. For example, I have a Master's Degree in physics and have never for the life of me been able to have any sympathy for the alleged teachings of astrology, to which the author devotes a few pages in her chapter on the different typologies of people. While I follow her general thinking about overuse of alcohol and drugs, I can't agree that necessarily, "The man that needs two drinks is a drunk." Along the same lines, Sage's discussion of water crystals in differently labeled beakers strains my credulity well past the breaking point:

The water that carried degrading labels, such as STUPID or BAD froze into ugly, grotesque shapes. But the water that carried loving messages such as BEAUTY and KINDNESS froze into exquisite, symmetrical shapes.

Finally, I found the chapter on training a bit much, and I could say the same for some sections on stages of psychological problems and later on "the four stages of inner theater."

However, all this is fine and in fact is in line with the author's agenda to stretch the reader and to introduce a wealth of new ideas and new energies. Inevitably only some will stick. Just don't make the mistake of discarding the whole because you find some points with which to differ. The author has ever so much to offer.

Obvious though it may be, Sage is not loath to underscore the crucial importance to men of a vibrant, healthy sex life. "How much a man loves depends on the intensity and frequency of his sex life. How long he remains in a marriage depends on the constancy and consistency of enthusiastic lovemaking." Presumably "remaining in the marriage" is mentioned in both a literal and figurative sense.

The author adds that this is an easy point for women to fail to grasp: "Until a woman understands and accepts gender differences, she can easily underestimate the importance of sex for men. Many relationships die because women fail to comprehend the male sex drive." Sage is also right on the money in noting, "If you have a good man, he will want to please you more than anything else. So let him."

Sage is so correct when she notes the uselessness of women worrying about how they look to their men. "When a man loves a woman, he doesn't see the flaws. He takes small images--the look of your skirt on your thigh, that little movement you make when you are turned on, and that look on your face when you laugh. A loving man forms a mental collage of his ideal you."

The author believes, "Both men and women need constant, continuous appreciation for the different roles they play." Moreover, "People are programmed to believe that love is the most important thing. But money is equally as important." Sage notes the yin-yang complementarity of these two elements to security, writing, "Love is the feminine [not necessarily female, as Sage notes elsewhere] sensation of total trust. Cash is the masculine contribution. Sex is the bridge."

Sage believes, "Most men are damaged in some way or another.... Better to find a slightly screwed up decent man that needs your love to find his way.... Even the finest specimens harbor hidden flaws." She notes the profound benefits that can flow from such an approach. "[Y]ou would be amazed how much an injured man will appreciate you for your willingness to salvage what is left of his heart and soul." One could even argue that such synergy is a key to our survival and success. Fortunately, "most men are only a bit daft. Even many of the happily married men you know are a bit quirky behind the scenes. Their wives protect them and bring out their best qualities." How right she is!

Another topic on which the author achieves trenchant levels of profundity is a discussion of how "men are the weaker sex." She writes in explanation, "Studies show that relationship issues get to men more than we ever realized. After a fight, for example, men seethe and simmer much longer than we do. Their health suffers.... Conflict hurts you, but it leaves your guy reeling." I certainly find this to be deeply accurate in my own life.

How should women handle this reality? Sage has a great answer: "You are more attractive to men when they feel your feminine compassion. When you realize how things are for men, it is easier to empathize." Not unrelated is the author's point that "Women frequently complain that their men won't talk to them. What they mean is that men don't talk to them like women do."

The author states that men are more or less simple creatures. The solution to many issues with men may be to approach them warmly and softly: "Harsh tones transform a man into a mad beast that sees you as the enemy. Warm tones transform him into a man who will eagerly take on any challenge on your behalf. You can transform your man into the person with whom you want to spend your life. Just remember to soften your heart and release those kind healing tones before you speak."

Wow, is this author courageous or what? She comes right out and provocatively suggests, "women are meaner than men--and men are dumber than they think." I do not find myself agreeing with her claims that "[m]en secretly believe that women are stupid" and that women are smarter than men. Again, this doesn't matter, or better yet, agreement with our provocateur author is not the point. Self-questioning and self-improvement and even self-love are the points.

I have been relentlessly quoting Mia Sage throughout this review and I will close with a few of her statements that most profoundly resonated with me. First, she really gets the importance to men of good coaches (whatever that term may mean for a particular man:

If you ask [a high performance] man if he ever had a coach that brought out the best in him, he will look at you carefully to see if you are serious. If he senses sincerity, his face will change as he puts aside his social mask. Then he will tell you a story about the time he played for a man that not only made him a better player but also made him a better man. Believe me when I say that you want to be that coach.

If you learn nothing else from this book or this review, remember this golden nugget: "Ideas and emotions are separate elements. Mixing them is a recipe for disaster.... I have learned that there is little or no connection between my feelings and the actual events around me."

I choose not to be offended when Sage talks about different types of men as analogous to different breeds of dogs. Being offended would be insane. The woman obviously loves men. And in the end, I believe she is right that men are simple, devoted, and come in many varieties, all of which is also true of canines.

Finally, I will leave the reader with one more gem: "Men are crying for appreciation. They will give their lives or end their lives for a little of this precious substance. You are rich with the stuff. You can afford to be generous."

Do not miss this amazing, potentially life-changing book! If you do, it will truly be your loss! I have probably never ended any of my nearly 200 previous book reviews with three sentences ending in exclamation points, but be sure to make the right choice when you balance 30 bucks and a few hours of your time against the opportunity for some new perspectives that can transform many parts of your relationship, your career, and even your reality!

-J. Steven Svoboda