Man Talk and Money


Susan Pinker is a social psychologist and columnist for The Washington Post. She wrote a best selling book, The Sexual Paradox, to explore why even the most difficult guys in high school earn so much more over a lifetime than the most intelligent, cooperative girls. Her theories on the subject are interesting and informative. And to her credit she leaves the reader with a sense of curiosity.


As befitting her profession, Pinker doesn’t stray into the arena of self-help or design solutions to change the equation. Her observations are insightful. The book is both enlightening and entertaining. You couldn’t ask for a better read.


Mia Sage wrote How to Talk to Men. It doesn’t get any more practical or down to earth than that. This marvelous little self-help book has been well received by both men and women on every continent. It doesn’t make anyone wrong. Hundreds of trainers and coaches use Mia’s unique approach to creating harmony between genders. Her premise of harmonious partnership and teamwork is timely across gender, race, and culture.


In a choir, the baritones, tenors, altos and sopranos enter the room, walk directly to their assigned stations, and produce exquisite music that brings them together in the rhythm and pulse of inspiration. Achieving exquisite harmony is easy.


It’s easy to achieve harmony in business, as well. The challenge is to get people to stop blathering about what they think and how they feel. Individuals have opinions and self-pity. Musical ensembles give those over. Shania Twain famously stated that her talent had little to do with her success. She credited the team for the music and the performances. When everyone is on the same page, measure, and chord, they breathe as a unit and perform pieces of astonishing beauty in the same key and with the same timing.


 The same holds true for an orchestra, a company, or a family. No one wants to hear someone screeching over the music. Life is music. The moment everyone drops his or her personal agenda, the rest follows. Talent and skills are overrated. The musical magic comes from the willingness to melt into something larger.


In the theater of business you know you have struck a financial chord when you hear the sound of light-hearted laughter, followed by the clicking of the credit card machine. Your ensemble is joyfully exchanging your wonderful services for a level of cash flow you could have never created alone.


There has never been as much opportunity as now. Wealth is flowing in the form of electronic signals that travel through great networks of computers continuously calculating your value to society and to the people you serve. If you entrain your communication patterns with the magnetic codes successful men are using, your actions will align you with the principles of gravitas and magnetism. Sales will happen without selling. Negotiations will resolve in your favor without argument or effort. You will be invited to the banquet of respect and prosperity enjoyed by those who choose the peaceful, productive path.


Mia Sage is fluent in the code that produces value. She would be delighted to share her knowledge and skills with you. Her team will produce How to Talk to Men in Business, August 16-19 via ZOOM. For details email  We look forward to meeting you.