People at their Best

Isn’t it ironic, that people have to work so hard to put food on the table? Cows have only to lower their heads and munch grass. Trees just sit there and let the sun and rain do everything. Our tall, green friends invented solar power before we humans ever thought of it.


As for me, I don’t mind working for a living. I enjoy hard work as long as I can make it fun. But most folks don’t like their jobs due to the unimaginative design employed by companies. Management tends to force people to fit the job rather than organizing the tasks to invigorate the people.


From my perspective, people are at their best when they are productive. Productivity requires focus. People shine when they work as teams to achieve shared goals. The right vocation is better than any vacation. When people complete projects they can see what they have produced. Completion creates team spirit, which inspires people to give their best. The right team performing useful tasks enjoys a sense of satisfaction.  Collaboration can be as refreshing as meditation.


The secret, of course, is the legendary “spoon full of sugar” that helps the medicine go down. The more fun you pour into a job, the greater the pleasure you enjoy.


People aren’t drawn to the tasks. It is the players they love. My clients flock to relationship courses. They need a little more coaxing to attend entrepreneur classes, to learn planning, selling, and managing projects.


The great “secret” of success isn’t really secret at all. People love to take on great challenges together. They are willing to learn business as a game they can share.


Our new Partnership weekend is really popular because it mixes dating, mating, and conducting protective games with the ones you love. I created the course based on the joy I get from doing projects with my man. He is my sugar and I am his honey.


Every day we play in light, high places. The game does the work while we enjoy the journey.

Mia Sage