The Split-Focus Career

After earning a bachelor's degree on a basketball scholarship from Loyola, I enrolled in Sage University to learn the skills of entrepreneurship. The coursework was relevant to building my career, and I developed into a far more compassionate person. My business and my marriage both benefitted from the Sage experience. 


As my career developed I decided to attend medical school to earn a chiropractic degree. I loved the profession, but the education was grueling. As I studied how to improve the health of others, my own health and well-being suffered.


The moment I passed my exams for my license, I enrolled in graduate courses at Sage University. Imagine my relief to be learning exciting human-centered skills to create a career based on the activities I enjoy. Today I am a professor and trainer at Sage, specializing in topics dear to my heart, such as team building and gender studies. 


Peter Drucker extorted the virtues on non-accredited universities in which students could master essential skills for a fast-changing economy. I echo his view. The friends I have made and the innovative entrepreneur skills I gathered have enabled me to build an exciting career that allows me to travel and explore exciting adventures beyond my fondest dreams.


The greatest value for me is the experience of discovering new aspects of myself. I can honestly say that I now live a life much closer to my true nature.


By combing my traditional career with entrepreneurial projects, I am able to stretch myself. Sage is organized around the principle of putting fun into every arena of my life. If you are an adventuresome sort, I highly recommend that you attend a course with me or my associates to see if you are compatible with the products of free agent entrepreneurship.


-Dr. Carly Smith