Death of a Sales Industry

Hundreds of big retail stores are closing shop. Shopping malls are going belly up. Sears and Macy's are going the way of the K-Mart special. No one misses them much. The time is ripe for entrepreneurs to enter fashion and glamour with innovative boutiques that recognize shopping as entertainment. 


Large corporations had turned the shopping experience into a consumer nightmare. No one wants to shop while holding a full bladder. Men hate standing around while their mates try on endless fashion duds. And who is going to miss the ubiquitous food courts offering rubbery sweets that bloat the waistline?


Strong retailers are beginning to add on bowling alleys and gaming centers. It isn't much, but at least they are realizing that shopping is recreation. Smart retailers are going online, where clients can buy even as they watch a favorite film on Netflix. 


Think of all those lost jobs. Think of all those former employees that will need to start-up small businesses to earn a living. Think of Sage University, where we blend entertaining and enlightening experiences with learning life skills and business training as exciting adventures. 


Business schools today must offer relevant trainings, fair prices, and memorable life-changing experiences. We pioneered these principles in 1980. Today we are the industry leader, offering seminars, workshops, learning-by-doing internships for aspiring entrepreneurs. 


Boredom is the pitfall of education. Perhaps that is why colleges are also closing in record numbers. American college graduates carry 1.3 trillion in debt--money borrowed for degrees that no longer lead to employment. Greedy banks passed laws enabling them to hound student loans far more aggressively than credit card debts. No one wants to pay all that money for the same courses they took in high school. How can a professor spin history classes or abstract mathematics for students who will actually require people skills and entrepreneurial thinking to earn a living?


At Sage you can take a few useful classes, or you can earn diplomas and graduate level degrees that you earn by conducting projects together with our professors and students. The choice is yours. You can master the art of teamwork by creating pilot projects that earn money for you during your student years. By the time you graduate you should be ahead of the game.


You learn trust by going slow. Take a few courses to earn while you learn. Mix and mingle with other successful students and alumni. See if you like our approach. Notice how you and your classmates are finding your way together. If, and only if you create value, then move on to the next small step toward a new career and lifestyle. 


If you crave traditional jobs you will need a standardized education. We don't train engineers, doctors, lawyers, or bureaucrats. Regular schools have the resources for job-based careers. But if you want to travel, enjoy your vocation, and be your own boss, free agent entrepreneurship might be the path you seek.