Ibiza Couple Emanates Partnership

You can’t tickle yourself or make love alone. You can’t actually change your life either.  All of those experiences require partnership.


Mia Sage adores women. She loves and respects men as well. There was no way she was ever going to be a traditional wife. So she threw away all of her books on romance and relationships so she could invent a system that would work for her and for other free spirits.


Partnership is a wonderful game that creates an exceptional life. Mia views love as the ultimate life game, one that follows natural laws such as gravity (gravitas) and electromagnetism (attraction). Where you respect natural laws, you can make rules to keep the game thrilling.


Rule #1: Have fun and do what you love. If one partner rules over the other, friction wears out the engine.


Rule #2: Never step off the cliff. Every fight, no matter how small, causes injuries that will eventually kill the connection.


Rule #3: Everyone is right. That means your partner is never wrong.


Rule #4: When your partner is wrong, return to rule #3.


Like all wild creatures, humans don’t mate well in captivity. You need your freedom to enjoy your wild animus. Once you learn to respect and appreciate each other as is, all spite and meanness disappear. Both partners become considerate and careful to not hurt the other.


Mia and her partner show you how this lifetime can bring both freedom and companionship together. She conducts The Mating Game July 4th-9th online or on Ibiza. Her team conducts the Partnership Weekend in Santa Monica July 22nd & 23rd.


You will be amazed at how good and sweet life can be when you choose the right mate and play a fair, honest game together.