The New Entrepreneurship

In the early 1900’s automobiles swiftly replaced the horse and buggy. Airplanes lifted mankind into the air and newly discovered wireless communication paved the way for radio and television. Companies that made harnesses and buggy whips fell by the wayside.


Well, here we are again. Intelligent, tireless machines now build our appliances, answer our phones and write software. By the year 2020 those wonderful assistants will have replaced more than a billion workers, freeing us to pursue careers based on services, human development and entertainment. What you will do for a living probably hasn’t been invented yet.


Free agent entrepreneurs earn their living by creating excitement. We don't "go after" the masses. Like sports coaches, we recruit the finest players by creating exciting projects and learning to understand human dynamics. I love being a free agent because I get to do what I enjoy with people who care for each other.


In the job economy people performed simple, repetitive tasks in a hostile environment. Even knowledge workers and highly educated professionals performed robotic tasks with the aim to squeeze greater profits from every billable hour. Humans largely dwelled in cubicles with managers who controlled every thought and movement, including time and bathroom breaks.


Thank goodness that economy is evolving into a more humane business model. As robots replace laborers and smart phones displace banks, more and more people are beginning to explore innovative careers by transforming their pleasure into services for others. Early on I realized that people needed to learn profound people skills to navigate that transition.


When I joined Sage University I never dreamed that I could earn my degrees and work my way into leadership. Now I enjoy the process of recruiting and working together with high performance business practitioners. By the time I earned my Bachelor's degree I had a firm grasp on entrepreneurial business procedures. As I attended graduate courses my people skills were improving with each course that I attended. I began to see and feel the dynamic energy and aliveness of my fellow humans. By the time I had earned my Master's degree I could read the patterns of love and desire that form the core of family and business systems.


Forget about memorizing dates of battles and irrelevant facts. Computers do that for us. It takes compassion and curiosity to succeed as a free agent entrepreneur. People today avoid exploitive systems. That is why I transformed Sage so that people could learn business from the heart. My one and only goal is to keep expanding appreciation, which is the engine of the service economy.

-Mia Sage