Kulture of Kindness


One of our American clients who attended the Summer semester on Ibiza made an interesting observation. She noted that she flew over because of the wonderful experiences she had with several of the independent coaches and trainers she had met. But on Ibiza she came to realize the core of kindness that forms the spirit of Sage University. 


When our affiliates are on tour they face tough audiences and deal with the vagaries of local cultures that can be harsh. Naturally they are misunderstood on occasion, as they struggle to keep their lights on. But here we gather in a safe, sweet environment that soothes away the hostility and opinions that so often reduce the loving quality of our human nature. 


Like any university, we attract a wide variety of people from different countries, cultures, and callings. That is why we offer courses across a wide spectrum of subjects, including relationship, entrepreneurship, leadership, and salesmanship. Dale Carnegie gave birth to our branch of education with his famous business book, How to Win Friends. Without true friendship, all success is hollow and empty.