The Finest Team, Ever

The staff and faculty of Sage University are expanding at a tremendous rate. Not only are we adding new courses and topics—we are also building a team that operates with great harmony and enthusiasm.


It is particularly gratifying to us that so many of our players hail from countries all across the face of the globe. Diaspora is a popular media word for markets created by immigrants. Our team seamlessly blends local and immigrant people who can provide training in a wide variety of languages from a broad spectrum of cultures. While some people spread fear and hate, we are proud to be among those who are finding ways to share peace and prosperity through the medium of entrepreneurship.


Everyone at Sage completes projects. That is how our learning system is designed. Some projects are simple and brief. Others require years of contemplation, planning, and execution. Next year an unprecedented number of people will complete entrepreneurial projects that will change the way people live, work, and play together.


We are equally proud of those who conduct their projects independently and those who are working closely with Sage University. All of you are transforming the world through innovative approaches to education, business, and lifestyle. We are gratified by your initiative.