For those who want to learn business and people skills in the comfort of their own home, we have recorded some of our most valuable training in booksCDsDVDs and multimedia toolkits. Much of this material is taken from live sessions and broadcasts so the sessions are fresh, as well as practical. You can purchase these essential lessons to improve your skills and increase your income. 

You need relevant training to earn your living in these times. We offer materials in four important categories: entrepreneurship, leadership, salesmanship, and relationship. We focus on delivering an entertaining, enlightening education that gives you the people skills and business skills you need to achieve true success. 

Entrepreneurship: Free agent entrepreneurs require different training than capitalist entrepreneurs. We don't write business plans to ask for money from banks, but rather focus on action plans that move money directly through intelligently designed projects that earn their own way. We put the fun in starting up your own business and growing it slowly, with love and care, until you can earn your living by living your dream. 

Leadership: Leaders used to be brutal, domineering men who ruled by strength and ruthlessness. Those guys have dropped the ball. Wall Street has joined the Berlin Wall on the scrapheap of history. Leaders today are communicators who know how to cooperate across borders and bandwidths with a web of people who inspire one another to great achievements. Whenever there is money on the table, the play gets tough. Here you learn to play hard and handle the rough stuff without losing your humanity. 

Salesmanship: Old style selling is manipulative. Salesmanship isn't something you do to people, but rather an authentic way of being with people. When you come across as yourself, people naturally respect you and want to conduct business with you. Plenty of sales trainers still rely on techniques because they are easy to learn, but those tactics feel terrible when they are used on you. It takes a lot longer to develop sensitive, intelligent forms of inquiry that win clients for life. Taking the time to master profound people skills is the best investment you can make in your career. 

Relationship: Amazingly, there is not a single school, college, or university that teaches people how to live and work together harmoniously. Plenty of courses exist to manage people and invest money. But we are the first university to provide in-depth, experiential training on the art of loving protection in family and business systems.