The Private Coaching Session (included in Coaching Toolkit)

Earning your living by living as a professional coach requires good people and business skills. On this Audio CD, we assist you in learning how to work with high performance players, conduct a private session, and describe your craft to people who want to hire you as their coach. 

Whether you are new to the profession, or a highly experienced coach, you will find something on this audio CD to serve your clients better and build a more profitable practice. 

Price: 15 EUR incl. shipping & handling

How To Talk to Men: Earning Equality

Wisdom comes to a woman through her connection to other women. Love and money come through communication with men. You can learn to build bridges between men and women that help you grow strong businesses and raise healthy families. Listening to this CD will help you discover new ways to talk to men. You will learn how to get what you want by giving men what they need. Your new skills will enable you to achieve greater financial equality by winning men over to protecting and providing for you. 
Price: 15 EUR incl. shipping & handling

Journey to the Self

The greatest joy we can know is to put aside the roles we play and bask in the glow of our infinite essence. Who you are can't be cut by a sword or burned by fire, or disturbed by any of the problems that pass through your mind each day. This simple, elegant guided meditation soothes your body and shifts your perspective from the turmoil of local perception to the vast peaceful awareness of the non-local self. Listening deeply can put you in tune with your higher intelligence, and with the love that is your very nature.
Price: 15 EUR incl. shipping & handling

Awareness through Movement with Skeeter Tichnor

Feeling comfortable in your body is absolutely essential. When you feel like yourself, your ease touches other people in a positive, loving way. Skeeter Tichnor provides an exquisite series of movements that you can use to tune up your body each day. This is a must-have product that will stimulate your awareness and sharpen your perceptions. By practicing these simple, elegant movements for a few minutes each day, you will discover a sense of calmness, and well being that will put your life into perspective.
Price: 18 EUR each, or 150 EUR for all ten (including shipping).


Forget About Selling Series (5 CDs)


No matter what profession you have chosen, your earnings will depend on winning clients or customers. Traditional selling earns money in the short-term, but people don't like to have techniques used on them. Forget About Selling introduces you to conversational salesmanship. By listening to these lessons, you will learn how to earn people's trust. When you can earn trust, the trust will earn your money. You can buy the whole series for 60€ (incl. shipping & handling) or download the single CDs below.


Forget About Selling Audio Downloads:

You can listen to a short introduction by clicking on the play button or download the whole album by clicking "Buy". You decide the price. We recommend that you pay 10€, but you can download each audio CD for as little as 1€.