Sage University Online

Earning Your Living by Living Your Dream is possible for those who learn how. Our unique combination of business and people skills shows you how to transform your passion into your profession by discovering your true calling. Self-Actualization is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship. Prosperity is the natural consequence of being who you are and doing what you were made to do.


Our team shows you how to create pilot projects that bring out your hidden talents and fulfill your deepest desires. Each week you will receive a brief online seminar that will show you how to design your services to attract clients. Every broadcast gives you a new skill. You will find yourself making wiser choices and opening new dimensions of perception with every passing month.


For 200 Euros per year (or 20€ per month) you can learn the people skills and business skills that are essential for living your dream. Please e-mail us at for more information. You can also visit Coach TV to watch our free broadcasts to improve your coaching and leadership skills.


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