Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How much does Sage University Online cost?


Tuition for online training is 200€ per year. If you are financially challenged, you can apply for monthly payments of 20€.


How long do I participate?


Students sign up one year at a time. 


What do I learn?


You learn the practical skills you need to earn your living by doing what you love. You also absorb the moods and attitudes that help you win clients for life.


How is Sage University Online different from other universities?


We relate directly to the brilliance in you. You will never be graded or degraded. 


How can I get a return on my investment?


With the meltdown of the stock market and the banks, your only sure path to prosperity in these time is by creating enjoyable seed projects that grow into streams of income. Did you know that 75 out of 100 millionaires earned their affluence by owning and operating their own businesses? The other 25% inherited wealth or had access to inside information. If you weren't born with the right connections, your only certain path to a higher income is through learning the game of business. And you don't have to wait until you graduate. Most students start their entrepreneurial career with small projects that earn their tuition back even before they complete their four year program. After graduation, their business continues to grow into successful ventures that create income for the rest of their lives.  


How does Sage University Online work?


As soon as you enroll you will receive a monthly e-mail with the password that allows you to enjoy weekly training in high quality video on your computer. Every week we will post a new  broadcast on one of our four primary subjects: entrepreneurship, leadership, salesmanship, and relationship. 


What if I have a technical question?


You can request technical help by E-mailing your questions to We have a busy schedule, but we will answer you as quickly as possible.


What about personal attention?


We recommend that along with watching the broadcasts, you also book coaching lessons with one of our coaches to deepen your experience and so that we can guide you through your projects. You can purchase ten 30-minute sessions for 600€.


When do the online seminars get posted?


The new broadcasts get posted every Monday. 


How often can I watch the broadcasts?


The videos remain posted for four weeks. All shows will be available for you 24/7, so you can watch them as often as you like during that four-week window. 


Can I earn a degree with Sage University Online?


You can earn an honorary diploma for participating in 4 years of Sage University Online.


To earn a Bachelor's degree you must also attend 30 days of classroom training each year (for a total of 120 classroom days).  We now offer these courses online, on Ibiza and in major cities throughout the US and the EU.

To earn your degree in entrepreneurship requires a thorough training program in business, coaching, and leadership skills. Successful students become successful business people by practicing reliability. Consistency is essential. 


Is it possible to try out Sage University Online to see if I like your service? 


Yes. You can enroll for a free trial-month. Please request your access code at


I only have an old computer, can I watch Sage University Online anyway?


The newer your equipment, the better the video quality. But you should be able to watch the broadcasts with pretty much any device that has an internet connection.


What if I don't have a strong internet connection? 


Again: the stronger your internet connection, the better the viewing experience. If your connection is really slow, you can wait until the video loads completely to avoid skipping (you can find more information on that topic in the section "Technical Questions")


Is it possible to watch a test-video? 


Yes, here you go:

 If you have technical challenges with watching this video, please read the section below.



Technical Questions


The video is skipping. What can I do?

  1. If your Internet connection is weak, you might want to go somewhere else where you can get a stronger connection.
  2. Another way to increase the quality of the broadcast is to start up the video, and then hit pause and wait a few minutes until the video is fully loaded (when the small grey bar hits the right side of the video window, the video is fully loaded). Then you can start again from the beginning for a clear viewing experience.


I did all of the above, but it is still not working properly. Is there anything else?



Generally you should be up and operating by now. But in rare circumstances, especially if you have an old computer, you might need to try some other solutions, such as:


  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Flash player on your computer. If not, you can download the latest and greatest version at:
  2. You might also want to update your web browser (Safari, Firefox, etc.).
  3. Some people get better results by experimenting with various web browsers (In our experience Firefox works the best).
  4. If all else fails, you might try temporarily turning off any programs, virus protection, ad block, or energy saving settings that could interfere with video playback.
  5. And then of course you can buy a new Mac or PC—we recommend Mac for the best picture quality and because it is simpler to use for nearly everything related to media.