Doctoral studies

The Sage University Ph.D. includes 30 days of training per year. It combines five weekends of advanced human dynamics studies online, blended with your choice of courses that fit with your major. To receive your unaccredited degree you are required to complete two years of training and to make a significant contribution to your field of endeavor. 


Success in any profession requires self-knowledge together with profound understanding of others. According to the Carnegie Institute, success is 20% business skills and 80% people skills. 


Our approach applies Systems Thinking and Game Theory to enhance curious, self-organizing families, teams and companies. We blend psychology, anthropology and physics to create an innovative field that is multidisciplinary. Our unique blend of curiosity, knowledge and real-world skills provides a practical learning environment. 


There are plenty of consultants offering linguistic and/or financial training. Few understand the role of curiosity. You will graduate with advanced observation and feedback skills for sorting through personal and professional issues in business. 


Profound knowledge of yourself and understanding of systems dynamics also transforms your own life. You will develop the ability to restore curiosity and appreciation in your partnerships. And you will discover compelling ways to share the wisdom you have accrued over your lifetime with your children and your children’s children.


Your dissertation can be a book or study in your speciality or an event to share your contribution. Traditional universities focus on information. Our courses provide experiential awareness of human behavior. 


To change the world, begin by transforming yourself, and then sharing your depth and compassion within your own family and career.