Bachelor of Arts

The most effective entrepreneurs, coaches, and business players prepare for their careers with the same dedication as professional knowledge workers in more traditional fields. That is why an entrepreneurial degree (unaccredited) from Sage University requires 4 years of 30 annual days in the classroom, along with an internship to ensure the application of your knowledge and skills. You are also expected to conduct real-world business projects throughout your education to enhance your learning experience.  


Many organizations certify coaches or hand out degrees after a few days of training. At Sage University, however, we are committed to providing complex skills and building character with students who value higher education. The new service economy requires highly advanced people skills and business skills that you can only acquire by practicing with other dedicated professionals.


At Sage you are encouraged to create your own curriculum from our catalogue. You can choose from 4-Day events and weekend trainings at your convenience as long as you complete your 30 days within 12 months.


Our coaches and trainers are available throughout each year for consultation to clarify course content and to assist you to select the courses that fit your free agent entrepreneur lifestyle.