Earn Your Degree


Every year thousands of free agent entrepreneurs attend seminars, special events, conferences and advanced courses with Sage University. Most pick relevant events from the calendar and tailor the education they need to fulfill their goals. Others become full-time students with the intention to become free-agent entrepreneurs. 


Those who want to become highly effective players in the game of business apply to pursue a degree in a specialized area in line with their career aspirations.


While traditional universities use lecture, memorization and grading systems to teach abstract subjects, the Sage curriculum uses inspired coaching and training events to expand your expertise in the areas of entrepreneurship, partnership, salesmanship and leadership. You can earn an unaccredited international degree* by studying as you travel the world, putting those relevant skills to use and earning income by creating pilot projects with other students. You master real-world skills by conducting seed projects.


Your commitment to continuous improvement demonstrates your reliability and sincerity as you earn the trust of the marketplace. You also enjoy significant savings on tuition when you sign up for a complete year of training.


OPTIONS: You can attend courses online, in Ibiza, or in exciting locations where we conduct special studies.


Coaching Certificate: 30 days of Bachelor level training.


Associate Degree: 2 years (60 days) of assorted courses for increasing awareness.


Bachelor’s Degree: 4 years (120 days) of fundamental skills acquisition.


Master’s Degree: 2 years (60 days) of advanced learning.


Doctoral Degree: 2 years (60 days) of hands-on practice and highly advanced human dynamics training. Your dissertation is a project, such as a book, film, or training program that makes a contribution to your specialized field. 



*A diploma from Sage University is an Internet document, which is valid only for free-agent entrepreneurship. A degree or diploma from Sage cannot be used to claim expertise or qualification for employment. 


Our certifications require years of real-world experience and demonstration of competence in the discipline of innovative entrepreneurial ventures not provided by local or traditional colleges and universities. 


Our mission is to provide learning environments in which participants conduct seed projects and collaborate to conduct lean start-ups through trial and error. Participants are selected on the basis of demonstrable competence in fields that are being replaced by technology.


Sage is committed to assisting small business owners and self-employed individuals and teams to earn a decent living through honest business practices.