The Sage Performance Scales



Professional coaches are leaders who bring out the best in people. Great coaches systematically elicit the magic of team spirit. The Sage Performance Scales reveal the invisible patterns of needs and desires behind team spirit.

These Performance Scales graph the spectrum of psychological progressions that people go through as they learn to enjoy the pleasure of peak performance teamwork. Download the first chart here.



The second Performance Scale focuses on the invisible connections between people. There are hundreds of books on the content of communication, and multiple works on linguistic patterns. This scale introduces emotional and behavioral patterns of the communication between people.


By "seeing" the spirit of teams in the emotions and actions of the players you can learn to intervene strategically in family systems, social systems and business systems. Download the second chart here.



The third Performance Scale shows the degree of participation players bring to their game. How people play determines how they learn. That is because play stimulates curiosity. Curiosity is the innate motivation behind all learning. It is also the window to your hidden talents.


This chart shows the levels of efficiency of various learning methods, along with the attitudes and lifestyles that accompany each approach. Download the third chart here.



Most millionaires achieved their success by owning and operating their own business. Chart 4 reveals the invisible patterns of information and energy that connect us together in intricate financial webs.


The lower half of the chart shows the limited perceptions that garner a negative cash flow. The upper half shows the hightened perceptions that bring us together in productive, protective networks. Download the fourth chart here.


The fiftgh Performance Scale shows the interaction between the three leadership categories. Visionaries, marketers, and managers must achieve parallel outcomes in different departments to grow a company. Here you see how these three disciplines cooperate to coordinate efforts and align companies.


Like all species, humans are born with innate tendencies to play interactive roles that advance the community. Some people are moved to innovation, some love to sell, while others enjoy putting things in order. The Leadership scale shows how the three basic types can work together. Download the fifth chart here.


The greatest happiness we can know is from loving someone deeply and intimately. The Sixth Performance Scale illustrates the spectrum of interactions between men and women in relationship.


In the upper ranges you see the lovely experiences of joy, serenity, and oneness that we all aspire to. At the level of the pyramid we still know one another in delightful states of devotion, togetherness and innocence. The box represents the thoughts and judgments that form the sticky film that envelopes most couples. This chart shows you the stages that bring you back to marital bliss. Download the sixth chart here.


The Seventh chart illustrates a spectrum of methods that parents use to discipline children. The approaches listed in the box and the submerged diamond reflect attempts to intimidate and punish children into compliance. The pyramid and circle contain gentle, intelligent interventions that win cooperation from young children.


People rarely can see the consequences of their behavior. We do to our children what our parents did to us. The forms are different, but the intent to coerce remains unchanged, despite reams of literature on the subject of non-violent parenting. Chart Seven shows us how to escape the madness. Download the chart here.


From physics we know that our bodies are light and our vibrations are music. The eighth version of the Sage Performance Scale uses the lens of poetry to provide a whimsical glimpse of the vast worlds that surround us and permeate our being.


When you can actually see even a tiny sliver of what is invisible to others, you achieve a great navigational advantage in the game of life. By creating a craft (meaning boat or career) that accounts for subtle realities, you can avoid much of the anger and danger that traps most people on the hamster wheel of life. Chart 8 provides the map to increased highness of being. Download the eighth chart here.