Course Descriptions

Sage University provides business training for professionals, entrepreneurs and executives worldwide. Our learning tree has two main branches--coaching people and earning a living. 

Weekend Seminars: Most people begin their adventure of discovery with us by attending an inexpensive weekend workshop, such as What to Do With the Rest of Your Life, Live Your Dream, or How to Talk to Men. These experiential courses are offered on a regular basis in locations around the world by trainers and coaches who know how to bring excitement to the learning process. 

6-Day CoursesSage University offers exciting 6-Day courses on Ibiza designed to integrate intellectual and instinctive intelligence to bring greater awareness and aliveness to the heart. You learn to balance your artistic inspiration with business skills that enable you to earn your living by following your heart. 
Our playful, experiential classes stimulate your curiosity as you enhance your ability to earn. You will acquire the career skills you need by participating in exquisite adventures that will restore your peace of mind and love of life.

Advanced Courses: When you are ready to powerfully transform your life, Sage University offers high intensity trainings that move you relentlessly into a peak-experience. Those breakthrough courses challenge you mentally, emotionally and physically to step into the realm of peak performance. 
Everyone is not called to live a great life or to lead life as an exciting adventure. But if you are on of the few, these courses will awaken you into the lifesteyle you were meant to live. 

Sage University places Transpersonal Coaching at the core of our curriculum and practice. Over time, our students shed their ego identities as they slip into a direct experience of their non-local awareness. We respectfully explore a variety of philosophies, doctrines, and beliefs, with the aim that each participant directly experiences his or her authentic nature. This way students gain the perspective from which to design a self-directed, self-actualizing career path.